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Hello there! I’m Fran – owner of Locksmith Manchester 0161 – Co…. And here is my little locksmith story! It’s not a mirage…it’s true £50 Full Lock Change – That’s All You Pay! We advertise simply as… £50 Locksmiths of Manchester, Cheapest Locksmith in Manchester, Change Locks in Manchester!

Here at Locksmith Manchester Co we can offer full lock changes for £50! That’s including our labour, parts and the added bonus of no VAT!

Locksmith Manchester – 0161 Co has been serving the people of Manchester for over a decade now. The business was set up by me – Fran! As a female Locksmith in Manchester, you’ve got to be pretty clued up to survive in a tough market place – and that’s what I’ve been doing for the last 17 years. It’s been so important to be reputable, honest, and bloody good at what you do…..and fair. I think to date I’ve ticked MOST of the boxes…except for the ‘fair’ one…

I think as a business I’m slightly UNFAIR,  because I have always made sure I undercut every other locksmith to gain new customers. This has meant I can build up a bank of repeat customers and rely heavily on word of mouth and 5 star reviews. From the customers perspective, by calling me you know you’re getting the cheapest and the best locksmith service by  a country mile!

**rates do change after hours and over weekends, and when i’m personally away and not working! I have 2 kids and can’t work 24/7 as a locksmith in Manchester anymore! Always give me a call and i’ll give you the price beforehand! Thanks Fran

Where Did The Locksmith Manchester Co Originate?

Where did the company start from? Well I used to work for Yellow Pages – for years in fact. I loved what I did, but due to the economic change – I decided it was time for a change. so I picked up my local Yellow Pages – flicked through looking for a trade I could train in and be successful as a women in. And there it was – locksmiths! So I trained – marketed myself and the rest is history – nearly 10 years later and here I am!

0161 3271379        

07730 159679

Rip Off Locksmiths in Manchester – WATCH OUT!

Here at Locksmith Manchester 0161 Co we truly believe in being honest, upfront and straight talking. Sometimes possibly to our own detriment..

There are so many good locksmiths in Manchester, but likewise there are equal measures of bad ones. National companies pretending their local so when you search ‘locksmith Manchester’ you believe you’re calling a local business. Unfortnately this is not always the case – and over Xmas and New Year we saw an influx of rogue traders ripping people off.. People have reported that the guys that arrive are both intimidating and relentless. I’ve had young girls saying they have just paid the guys to go away as they were scared of the repercussions… At the end of the day – these people know where you live! I have a full copy of a receipt from a particular copnay that was given to us last week.. happy to show people – just ask!

The tactic seems to be, you call the number on the website – you book an engineer at £49, and they arrive. They then tell you there is a call out charge, a labour charge, VAT and everyone seems to have a “HIGH SECURITY” lock that will cost upwards of £200! 

To be clear – no lock costs £200!! And what even is a “call out charge”?

Here at Locksmith Manchester – 0161 I will always give you an accurate quotation over the phone – most of the time I ask for pictures or videos via Whatsapp or message… Rarely am I wrong, and if you as the customer didn’t want to proceed then it’s absoutely fine. No call out charge….!!

Please be wary of the rogue locksmiths in Manchester. Do your research and ask loads of questions!!

Peace out…

How Are The Locksmith Manchester – 0161 Co Coping With Covid-19?

Here at Locksmith Manchester Company things are certainly starting to return to normal! We’ve been running since the initial March 2020 lockdown. We’ve been head to toe in full PPE supporting the public services more than ever! We’ve definitely seen a decrese in students locking themselves out, and with the country being asked to ‘stay at home’ less front doors breaking!

Well as the country starts to emerge from lockdown number 3, and restrictions are easing – bars and resturants are starting to open up in Manchester. Students returning to full time education and their student houses – locks are starting to break! Things are definitely looking busier! Bring it on!

We are still in PPE, and should you have any concerns please just ask me, Due to the nature of locksmith work, it’s pretty well socially distanced anyway. But we are still following government guidance to keep the peksy Covid-19 at bay!

We are asking where possible for customers to pay via bank transfer or contactless card to minimise cash handling.

Calling All Students!! – Locksmith Manchester – 0161 Co

We normally start to get busy around September as students return to education settings. This is obviously a different time of the year because of the global pandemic, however we tend to run an offer for students wanting locks fited to their bedrooms each year. So we’ll run it this year, but for the month of April instead! A Manchester Locksmith that just keeps on giving!

We’re offering either a locking knob set at £100 per door, or nightlatch installation for a total of £110 per door. Both those prices are for parts and labour – start to finish. If you would like to have a look at the locks themselves, please click on  our ‘types of locks’ page and take a peek….

All we need from you, is your student ID and for you to quote “COVID STUDENT DISCOUNT


New Partnership With Locksmith Manchester – 0161 Co & Ultion Locks

We have gone into partnership with Brisant Security and are now stocking Ultion 3 Star Cylinders. One of the best in the market. I could ramble on here about how the locks works when it comes to lock snapping, but instead the video at the top of the page shows how good Ultion cylinders are, and why you shoudn’t hesitate to upgrade your locks today. Stop those burglars getting in! Click the video link at the top of my page!

If you would like me to explain how the Ultions will work compared to other cylinders just give me a shout. It’s free advice!


New Styles of Break-Ins With Locksmith Manchester – 0161 Co

Here at Locksmith Manchester – 0161 Co HQ i’ve had my ear to the ground. And it seems lock snapping is fast becoming one of the quickest methods of breaking in across Manchester. Unfortunately the videos available on YouTube make it all to easy for buglars to see the new methods of breaking in to our properties. Here at Locksmith Manchester – 0161 Co we now only fit anti snap cylinders as standard, thus making it more difficult to break-in. And if you really want to go all singing all dancing you can upgrade to a 3 star anti snap cylinder which makes it virtually impossible! Call me for a quotation and for more of an explanation!


Thumb Turns On Composite Doors are a NO Says – Locksmith Manchester – 0161 Co

So it’s a sad fact that most brand new composite doors and being delivered and fitted with thumb turn cylinders, This means a key from the outside and then a twisty knob on the inside. They are a huge security risk and here at Locksmith Manchester – 0161 company we can tell you why. Over the last few months, I have seen entire new build estates being targeted by criminals after stealing the cars. And most composite doors have some glass somewhere on the door. The burglars are smashing the glass panel and reaching through and twisting the knob on the inside oopen, thus unlocking the door! Most new estates have composite doors on every house, so they are becoming an easy target for criminals. Call me on 0161 9770076 and I will change your lock from a thumb turn to a double cylinder for £50.00. That’s total cost from us here at Locksmith Manchester – 0161 Co. Parts and labour, and 3 blooming keys!!!!

Plumbing Service Recommended by Locksmith Manchester – 0161 Co!

So we have been working closely with a  Plumber Manchester – his name is Marc and he’s been a Plumber in Manchester for 15 years now. He’s cheap, reliable but not available 24/7 – so should you need a Plumber Manchester don’t hesitate to give him a call on the number on his website. His details are here Plumber Manchester – 0161 Co


AirBNB With Locksmith Manchester – 0161 Co?

It’s becoming so commonplace now o be asked about additional locks on internal doors in houses and flats. It used to be students in freshers week wanting locks on the ir new bedroom doors, and then it became young professionals…and now it’s most definitely people AirBNB‘ing spare rooms. It’s a great concept, you advertise your spare room, sofa, entire flat or house to people that want to visit our great city – Manchester! They book through the AirBNB website or app and you earn a tidy sum for the service.

The reason people want additional locks is because they don’t want guests snooping through their personal belonging in their bedroom, or they want to be able to lock their prized possessions away in a cupboard if they’re out. It’s certainly a bulk of the reason I do installs now. To make things easier here at the Locksmiths Manchester – 0161 Co I have attached a couple of images and prices so you know the options available. If I’m installing more than one of the below locks I discount the per door price.

Locking Knob Sets – £115.00 Per Door Fitted Including Parts & Labour

A locking knob set is a cheap and quick solution to having a lock on your internal doors. They replace existing handles and provide a locksmith manchester locking knob setsecure lock on most internal doors. ERA are the brand that we tend to use here at the Locksmith Manchester – 0161 Co, they have been a great supplier for students and the likes for over a decade now.

Mortice Deadlock £150.00 Per Door Fitted Including Parts & Labour

Mortice deadlocks are one of THE most secure locks available. Most British Standard (BS3621) mortice locks have a full 20mm boltmortice deadlock fitted by locksmith manchester - 0161 co that when thrown into the frame is virtually impossible to get through without a locksmith knowhow! The only problem with these types of locks on interanl doors is that they are not fire regulation compliant. Should there be a fire in the room, or indeed somewhere else in the house you require a key from the inside to unlock the door. you can’t just twist a knob, or release by pulling a handle. Very secure – but not great for internal doors.

Yale Lock/Nightlatch £125.00 Per Door Fitted Including Parts & Labour

These are definitely the most common lock that I fit to internal doors. A round disk shape keyway on the front of the door – and then the traditional box on the inside of the door. They’re reasonably priced to fit, provide a good level of security and aren’t too ugly a yale lock fitted by locksmith manchester - 0161 colooking either in my opinion. Every lock has a downside –  and certainly with yale locks, I deal with a lot of calls as a Locksmith across Manchester for people locking themselves out on these. Yep – these are the onles that once you pull the door to they automatically lock. But if you’re sensible and have a spare key stashed somewhere you should be fine! Definitely a locksmith favourite to fit.

Deadcase With Thumb Turn £165.00 Per Door Fitted Including Parts & Labour

The final lock that I tend to fit for house shares, AirBNB and students is the smartest looking lock in my opinion – the deadcase and a thumb turn and deadcase picture found by locksmith manchester - 0161 cothumb turn. It’s fire regulation compliant and it sits neatly into the side of the door so is the most unobtrusive. You have the keyhole from the outside going in, and the twisty knob in the inside to lock and unlock the door. You have the higher security of a bolt being thown into the frame as opposed to a latch style lock – and they tend to look quite nice fitted below the current handles. The reason these are more expensive to fit is because you have two sets of parts – the actual lock case in the side of the door – and the thumb turn that runs through the lock case. A lovely looking lock though #geeky!

National Companies – Ripping People Off! How Are We Different Here At Locksmith Manchester – 0161 Co?

It’s a simple concept…here at Locksmith Manchester – 0161 Co we believe in offering a great service at a great price! We earn a living from the job that we do and we firmly believe that should be it. We don’t need to charge people £200 to open a door! We don’t need to charge £85 for a euro cylinder. We change locks for £50 and are quite happy at that! We aim to be the cheapest Locksmith in Manchester, offering a 1 year guarantee on everything*, Covering the entire Greater Manchester area – and doing this day in day out with a massive smile on our chops! The National companies – advertise as local Manchester Locksmith companies, subcontract the work out to local locksmiths and charge upwards of double the normal rates. They normally only offer a 30 day guarantee, and should wear balaclava’s from their offices in London, Bristol or whichever city they operate out of! Trust Locksmith Manchester – 0161 Co.


*locks must be maintained and kept in general working order.

Grenfell Tower Fire – What Has This To Do With Locksmith Manchester -0161 Co?

You may wonder why am I writing about the huge tower block fire in London? And what exactly does this have to do with Locksmiths in Manchester.

Well quite a lot really. I’m constantly changing locks for people across Manchester in apartments and high rise buildings. And what a lot of people are unaware of are the Fire Regulations surrounding apartments and multiple occupancy accommodation. Please click this link here to have a look at the Residential Landlords Association.

The rules are simple – and make perfect sense when you think about them. In the event of a fire in an aprtment or a shared house you have to be able to get out of the accommodation (whether that be a room, or the entire flat) without needing your keys. So imagine you were on the 16th floor, a fire broke out and naturally you panic to get out of the flat. You have to be able to unlock your front door without needing your keys. Whether this be through a thumb turn lock or a nightlatch, or an escape case.

It breaks fire regulations to have a mortice lock on an apartment door, and I would never fit one as a secondary lock because of this. A lot of locksmiths are either unaware of the implications of this – or don’t care either way. The Grenfell Tower fire just highlights another requirement for private landlords, owners and councils.

These locks are the correct ones to have on your apartment door.

locksmith manchester fits nightlatches

These locks are not correct to have on your door.

If you’re in a Manchester apartment and you want some advice please call me. And if you know your door isn’t compliant, then again call me and book in for a lock change immediately.

#Manchester Bomb Attack – We Stand Together

What a few weeks. It’s fair to say Manchester has been rocked by the bombing at the Manchester Evening News Arena – something I never thought I’d see. People of Manchester were amazing though…just amazing. The very next day going about our business, and not being dictated to by terrorism. Proud to be part of this amazing city – and it’s only bringing everyone closer! Not normally my bag to say this kind of stuff…but couldn’t not on this occasion!

As for Ariana Grande – wow! I think it’s great we make her an honorary Mancunian! I’ve signed the petition!

Sorry!!! From Locksmith Manchester – 0161 Co!

Okay – so I have an apology to make…you may hear a little extra voice when i answer the Locksmith Manchester hotline! As of January this year a new addition to the locksmith family made an overdue appearence! That’s right, little Chester….my now 9 week old little boy! So forgive me for taking a little longer to get to the phone, and also if it happens to be middle way through a screaming fit! But i’m raising the next locksmith generation with the help of Pampers and Aptimil and the occasional large Gordons Gin and Tonic!

He is sleeping through so it’s allowed!

MERRY CHRISTMAS From Locksmith Manchester – 0161 Co!image-1

Blimey Blimey Blimey – Christmas is nearly upon us?! Ridiculous considering i’m still in tee shirts for work whilst looking at a gaint Santa Claus stuck on top of Manchester Town Hall!

Exciting though nonetheless – love xmas – think it’s great time for eating fine food, drinking fine wine and moaning about our waist line on the 27th December every year!

Anyway – back to important Manchester Locksmith chit chat – I have a special surprise for all the students packing up for xmas and heading home…full lock installation on your bedroom doors for a complete cost of £85!

All you need to do is call me.. wish me a Merry Xmas and show me your NUS student card!


Merry bloomin Xmas!

Facebook– I’ve Finally Joined the FB Massive!

After many years of swerving the the dreaded Facebook because I believed it to be intrusive and somewhat scary – I’ve finally succumbed and joined! I figured – I could no longer keep telling people ‘no sorry i’m not on Facebook’ when they ask! Rest assured – I won’t be posting pictures of my dinner, telling you about my thoughts on Donald Trump – or anything else of that nature!

Should you wonderful people of Manchester wish to have a peek – then i’m here at

Please feel free – to ‘like’ or ‘share’ or do whatever else you’re meant to do on it! I’m clearly a FB gimp!

Anyone For Tennis? A Sad Sigh From The Locksmith Of Manchester!

It’s nearly upon us….those special two weeks where the people of Manchester spend pennies on punnets of strawberries and tubs of chantilly cream! Some of don’t really pay much attention in the first week of Wimbledon (other i’m sure are glued to the screen daily) and then the countdown begins to that all important locksmith manchester andy murrayWimbledon final weekend!

Spare a thought for this Locksmith Manchester – racing across every possible Manchester postcode (and further) to open doors for the Mancunian folk! Spare another thought whilst you’re busy sunning yourself in the garden and this Locksmith Manchester is securing and fixing doors that those naughty burglars – and sometimes drunken students have broken through. To be fair to the students – they just see kicking their own door in – as a cheaper alternative to calling a Locksmith in Manchester! Wrong!

Is That The Sun Shining Down On The Locksmith In Manchester??

So it’s true – summer is here again, the mercury set on fire at 25 degrees the other day, my van that has no air conditioning became hotter than a Kardashian backside on the front page of Vogue! I ended up with terrible sweat patches, after being assured that black was the colour to keep you cool – and a weave that looked like i’d blocksmith manchesters sash jammereen dragged through a hedge backwards….ANYWAY, enough about my female locksmith dilemma!

I’m here to offer advice, as I sit in my house writing this mini blog I notice that I have the lounge window wide open, the conservatory dooors pinned back, the kitchen door open and the front door unlocked. The norm I hear you cry – NO! We need to be vigilant – it takes a buglar seconds to open your door, reach in and grab your car keys, start your prize motor and drive off into the sunset…don’t be that victim!

Few pointers– if you have a uPVC door – install a front door sash jammer, then even if the door isn’t locked  – you can pull it down behind you and you’re safe! Also, don’t leave your keys on show – i’m always seeing tweets from Greater Manchester Police about cars being stolen off tables by front doors, or key hangers on the inside of the door. Move those keys – hide them!

Finally – if you are going to leave everything wide open, get a door alarm detectory – a nifty piece of kit that makes a noise when the door is opened, annoying if you have kids in and out all of the time, but handy if you want to keep your posessions safe!

For any more advice, or indeed a geeky chat about the services  – the Locksmith in Manchester can offer, feel free to call me!

For any of our very very Northern friends that would like some advice across Scotland – chat to my friend Danny who is the best emergency locksmith Edinburgh i know!

0161 3271379        

07730 159679


So – you type in ‘Manchester Locksmith’ – have a scroll down the Google page and see a couple of websites with many many many 5 star reviews…fake reviews manchester locksmith.brilliant you think, I’ll pick the company with the most reviews and stars! Simple? No…

The issue of FAKE reviews has been a pain in my backside for years. People writing their own reviews, setting up an email account and loading lots of brilliant things about themselves to make themsleves look good. So bad…

My Review Page has been set up to link directly with my Google+ page – so simply what you see if what you get. I’m no faceless company that hides behind FAKE local 0161 numbers, when you call my number you speak to me..Fran, the cheapest locksmith in Manchester!And when you look at my Review Page you see 100% genuine reviews from my Manchester customers…if you don’t believe me, add them to your Google+ circle and send them a message! Ask them the questions….

The other issue that seems to be rife across Manchester at the moment – is the issue with locksmiths claiming to be fully trained – coming out and using a hole cutter to drill open mortice locks – or breaking uPVC door handles off to open euro cylinders!!!

If you want a reputable Locksmith in Manchester, check the reviews, check the names on the reviews, are they English names – or a mixture of foreign names because that locksmith has bought reviews from another country? Is the locksmith arriving the person you spoke to, are they a local Locksmith in Manchester or are they based somewhere else in the UK, and subcontracting the work out – thus charging you double? Are they CRB checked – who are you letting in your home??

If you want an HONEST, CRB CHECKED, CHEAP, REPUTABLE, FULLY TRAINED Locksmith in Manchester then look no further….call me. Fran!

0161 9770076                  07730 159679


Storm Gertrude – Storm Jonas – Storm MANCHESTER LOCKSMITH!

Okay, here we are – fast approaching February 2016, the daffodils are popping through – i saw some the other day on a lock out in Salford! I swear down….! I’d actually question if they’ve been anywhere – it’s been sooo warm!

manchester locksmith in a stormSo anyway, we’re heading towards Spring 2016, probably end up having one of the warmest years since records began – and with this we bring the exciting prospects of people moving house! In fact, we seem to all want to move house in the Spring and Summer – so the advice I can offer here as the female Manchester Locksmith is check your insurance documents!

I have been to far too many properties throughout the month of January and found that the security people have on their windows and doors doesn’t come close to being Insurance graded – not one BS3621 lock for this Locksmiths in Manchester to see!

Phone me up – I can pretty much tell you over the phone if you’re insurance policy is valid or not! Look for the kitemark – look at your locks!

It’s free advice – it’s available – get in touch!

0161 3271379               07730 159679

Happy New Year From The Locksmiths Manchester Company!! Hip Hip Hoooooray!


So – it’s here…Dry January…bank accounts into the red – and the students of Manchester moving back into their accommodation.

So far it’s been crazy with students ‘Googling’ like crazy – and all for the same thing…’LOCKSMITH MANCHESTER’ or ‘CHEAP MANCHESTER LOCKSMITHS’ or ‘MANCHESTERS CHEAPEST LOCKSMITHS’…….i’m here!!! Most students are asking for the same thing, a lock fitted to their door so their student mates don’t climb into bed with them, steal their perfume, nick their laptop lead and various other student issues that seem to arise.manchester locksmiths

So – students of Manchester….i’m prepared. I’m offering a full lock install (and it has to be a fire regulation compliant lock – normally a yale or a thumb thurn with deadcase) for £90!!!! What this means in real money is that if you currently have no lock on the door at all – and want to keep your naughty mates out – call me and i can install the entire thing from scratch including parts and labour!

£90 is a bargain! Normally you’d be looking the best part of £135 and the need to call the Royal Bank of Mum & Dad!

Book soon….only running this little bad boy offer until January 31st!

Brrrrr….There Is A Chill In The Air….Wrap Up Warm With The Locksmith Manchester (not literally – i’m married!)

Well after the warmest October for a long time, and the need to turn the heating back off, and put the snuggle blanket back….the 1st November hit – and BOOM, we’re into a noticeable cold snap.

cheapest upvc door locksmith manchesterAnd so this Monday morning (2nd Nov) the phone calls started – ‘I can’t open my front uPVC door’ – ‘the handle is just spinning’ – ‘the key won’t turn in the barrel’ – ‘the handle is doing a complete 360!’……all text book stuff unfortuntely, and why?

Simply put – the plastic uPVC contracts when it gets cold, and expands when it warms up thus moving the door in and out of line, once the doors come out of perfect alignment, everytime you lift the handles up to lock the door you’re effectively pulling the entire door back into alignment in order to lock it.

Do this a few times over a couple of weeks – and POP – the mechanism breaks and the door is either stuck locked, or stuck open! From there it’s time to call ‘Locksmith Manchester – 0161 Company’ and pay to replace the broken mechanism…

Or…….NOT! If you feel the door is getting more difficult to lock – then make the call early! Call Locksmith Manchester – 0161 Company and get Fran round! The door can be simply realigned and you’re back to a perfect locking door again. It’s cheaper, it’s quicker, it’s less hassle – it’s a NO BRAINER!the locksmith in manchester

So – if you’re uPVC door is getting more difficult to lock or unlock – type ‘Locksmith Manchester‘ into Google – and call Fran today  -I will come and make this pre christmas problem vanish!

The August Holidays! Kids Off…Things Break….boooooooooo!

So that time is upon us again – the little munchkins come skipping out of school, shirts signed, paint on face,trousers ripped – and it’s that familiar time of year that all parents are faced with…THE SUMMER HOLIDAYS! So, we have the unenviable task of keeping the little blighters entertained, paying for numerous cinema visits – funding the costs of ‘lunch time hang-outs’, paying 3 times the cost of a normal holiday because it sits in silly season!manchester locksmiths

Fear not – if you are one of the unfortunate parents that has to deal with all of the above, alongside, grounding the kids for staying out late, paying for their mobile phone bill as it’s gone WAY over the minutes allowance – and the various other trials and tribulations, here at the Manchester Locksmith Company we are offering a 15% discount off our normal locksmith charges. It may not amount to much because our prices are rock bottom anyway – but hey, a few quid in your pocket is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick!

When you call – ask me..Fran for the August discount! Ask me, Ask me, Ask me!!

Suns Out – Guns Out With The Manchester Locksmiths

So – summer should finally be upon us! The sun creeps through the window early each morning, you can’t help but smile as you realise we’re in for another locksmiths of manchesterglorious day across the beautiful City of Manchester. But then this is where things can get busy for a Locksmith in Manchester! we seem to forget that having the back door open to let in the fresh air, and then popping out to water the plants on the front garden, forgetting to put the Yale lock on the snib…next thing…bang!! the front door closes on you. this is the most common summer job we get at the Manchester Locksmith Company. Just be a little more vigilant when the doors and windows are open for the summer. Burglars love to hop in through open windows!


Danger Danger – ‘Remove Your Keys’ Says Fran at Locksmith Manchester Co

A lot of people do not know that a UPVC door – or door that has a euro or oval cylinder in it should never have a set of keys left in the back. If you do a couple of things could go wrong – firstly if somebody comes with another key and tries to unlock the door from the other side inevitably you will break the barrel. This is because the lock barrel does not understand how when one side is engaged the other side trying to engage at the same time. This is too advanced for a cylinder and breaks it .So if you have somebody else in your broken key locksmith in manchesterhousehold that also has a key to the door or maybe children or partners – make everybody aware that once you unlock the door you need to take your keys out! This morning I attended as a Locksmith Manchester to a property in Didsbury for a lady who had exactly this problem. She had unlocked the door knowing her son was coming home. He arrived and tried to unlock the already unlocked door, and ending up locking it again and actually snapping is key in the barrel. So we ended up changing the barrel for the lady and all was okay again however it was an expensive lesson to learn.

So remember if you leave a key in the back of a lock you risk a the barrel breaking or your key snapping in the lock. Remove your keys and hang them somewhere out of sight.

Working 9-5 With Locksmith Manchester – 0161

We need to bare mind that your average burglar doesn’t go to work nine till five and then burgle your house of an evening. The average burglar probably hasfemale locksmith manchester never worked a day in their life and therefore is quite happy to sit and wait – watch you go about your daily life. Therefore they are quite happy to sit and figure out your daily routine which might be taking the kids to school and popping to the gym. And then the moment your back is turned – the upstairs window is left slightly ajar or they watch you pop the key under the mat…. They let themselves in and ransack your house. This unfortunately is very common – something we see here at the Locksmith Manchester Company. We need to be vigilant against these kind of low life…….


Moving House With Locksmith Manchester – 0161 Company

replacement locks manchesterAre you moving home or – moved house in Manchester? Have you spoken to the previous owners/tenants to see who has a set of keys? The Locksmith Manchester – 0161 company would say swapping your locks on the day you move house would be s a smart move. It’s nowhere near the price it used to be says Locksmith Manchester – 0161.  I have ended up changing locks on properties too late unfortunately. Closing the gate after the horse has bolted! Just be safe – not sorry. Call Locksmith Manchester – 0161 for a free quick quote before you discount the idea.

Also what is your current security like? Do you have a security light that illuminates the front door step if someone were stood there?

Where did previous occupants leave the keys for the house-  were they somewhere visible – is it worth moving where they are kept in case somebody knows a little trick or two?

We shouldn’t have to secure our homes against burglars– but unfortunately we’re in an time where people think they can help themselves to what is ours!

 Advice From Locksmith Manchester – 0161 Company

With the help of Locksmith Manchester you should be able to successfully upgrade your current security. Too many people fail to check the security levels and think that that current security is at insurance requirement. Did you know if you’ll lock is not BS 3621 and you were unfortunate enough to be burgledinsurance graded manchester locksmith your insurance company might not payout.

Imagine you had a £20,000 car on the driveway that was stolen and you could not recoup the money? A quick telephone call to the Locksmith Manchester should be able to confirm whether you are insurance compliant or not. And if you’re not it’s a relatively quick and simple job to either change your current clock or indeed install a brand-new one from scratch. Also says the owner of Locksmith Manchester – 0161, ‘would you not want the best security to protect your family and your worldly possessions?’

Locksmith Manchester recommends on all wooden doors a BS3621 mortise deadlock or sash lock. And on all UPVC doors Locksmith Manchester recommends again BS3621 anti-snap, anti Bump, euro cylinder. A simple telephone call is all it would take to the Locksmith Manchester for ask for a quote or confirmation on what you currently have.

Locksmith Manchester – 0161 Co work closely with our Locksmith friends across the pennines –

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