Locksmith Manchester

Here at Locksmith Manchester we can offer full lock changes for £40! That’s including our labour, parts and the added bonus of no VAT!

Locksmith Manchester has been serving the people of Manchester for nearly a decade now. The business was set up by one women – Fran! As a female Locksmith Manchester, you’ve got to be pretty clued up to survive in a tough market place – and that’s what Iv’e been doing the for last 10 years. As the only Locksmith Manchester that is female – it’s been so important to be reputable, honest, and bloody good at what you do…..and fair. I think to date I’ve ticked MOST of the boxes…except the fair one!

I think as a Locksmith Manchester I’m slightly UNFAIR- because I have always made sure I undercut every other Locksmith Manchester to gain new customers. This has meant I can build up a bank of repeat customers and rely heavily on word of mouth. From the customers perspective, by calling this Locksmith Manchester you know you’re getting the cheapest Locksmith in Manchester by  a country mile!

Where Did The Locksmith Manchester Co Originate?

Where did the company start from? Well I used to work for Yellow Pages – for years in fact. I loved what I did, but due to the economic change – I decided it was time for a change. so I picked up my local Yellow Pages – flicked through looking for a trade I could train in and be sucessful as a women in. And there it was – locksmiths! So I trained – marketed myself and the rest is history – nearly 10 years later and here I am!

Call Fran today for the best priced Locksmith Manchester

0161 9770076 or 07730 159679


Special Offers For January At Locksmith Manchester

Here at Locksmith January Company we know only too well how tight the purse strings can get after Christmas! We also know that there is never a good time to need the services of any tradesman – especially when the bank balance is past zero – and you’re on a 5 week month for pay day! Talk about January blues!

Well to soften the blow here Locksmith Manchester – 0161 Company – should you need to call out a locksmith in Manchester we are offering a Special discount of 20% off our labour charge! That’s insanely cheap – considering we are already the cheapest locksmith in Manchester. Give Fran a call – explain your dilemma and we’ll give you the discounted cheapest locksmith Manchester price!


Festive Advice With Locksmith Manchester – 0161 Company

Christmas Time – Mistletoe and Wine! Christmas is definitely an exciting time for most people – with presents a plenty, wine free flowing, food to die for – what more could you ask for? However, amongst all the fun and frivolity we still need to be security aware! It’s easy to be a little bit dopey – forget to lock the door, leave a key under the mat for the neighbour to let the dog out laughs Fran at Locksmiths Manchester – 0161, and before you know it..boom! You return home from a night out and the house has been  ransacked. We just need to keep our wits about us says Fran at Locksmiths Manchester – 0161. Unfortunately the undesirables capitalise on times like this – and that’s when we inadvertently let our guard down – and they take advantage! Remember  – keep your doors locked – at all times. If you’re having problems – don’t wait until it’s too late – call Locksmith Manchester-0161 and get the problem sorted.

Criminals will be looking through the window, under the tree – looking for expensive and inexpensive gifts they can make off with. Make sure you keep all windows locked – and make sure the car is locked on the driveway. If you’re going to load the kids Christmas presents into the house – at least reverse the car towards the front of the house so they can’t help themselves whilst you’re not looking!


Moving House With Locksmith Manchester – 0161 Company

Are you moving home or – moved house in Manchester? Have you spoken to the previous owners/tenants to see who has a set of keys? The Locksmith Manchester – 0161 company would say swapping your locks on the day you move house would be s a smart move. It’s nowhere near the price it used to be says Locksmith Manchester – 0161.  I have ended up changing locks on properties too late unfortunately. Closing the gate after the horse has bolted! Just be safe – not sorry. Call Locksmith Manchester – 0161 for a free quick quote before you discount the idea.

Also what is your current security like? Do you have a security light that illuminates the front door step if someone were stood there?

Where did previous occupants leave the keys for the house-  were they somewhere visible – is it worth moving where they are kept in case somebody knows a little trick or two?

We shouldn’t have to secure our homes against burglars– but unfortunately we’re in an time where people think they can help themselves to what is ours!


 Advice From Locksmith Manchester – 0161 Company

With the help of Locksmith Manchester you should be able to successfully upgrade your current security. Too many people fail to check the security levels and think that that current security is at insurance requirement. Did you know if you’ll lock is not BS 3621 and you were unfortunate enough to be burgled your insurance company might not payout.

Imagine you had a £20,000 car on the driveway that was stolen and you could not recoup the money? A quick telephone call to the Locksmith Manchester should be able to confirm whether you are insurance compliant or not. And if you’re not it’s a relatively quick and simple job to either change your current clock or indeed install a brand-new one from scratch. Also says the owner of Locksmith Manchester – 0161, ‘would you not want the best security to protect your family and your worldly possessions?’

Locksmith Manchester recommends on all wooden doors a BS3621 mortise deadlock or sash lock. And on all UPVC doors Locksmith Manchester recommends again BS3621 anti-snap, anti Bump, euro cylinder. A simple telephone call is all it would take to the Locksmith Manchester for ask for a quote or confirmation on what you currently have.


Nutribullet vs Locksmith Manchester – 0161 Company to Attend!!

We read all too often in the news about the importance of eating our greens. About maintaining a healthy lifestyle, not drinking too much and exercising regularly. Did you know your doors also require important maintenance? An example thanks to the Locksmith Manchester we can talk about is regarding UPVC doors maintenance. When you lift the handle on your UPVC door says the owner of Locksmith Manchester, the metal rods that run at the back of your mechanism engage and push various locking mechanisms out of the door and into the frame.

As I’m sure you’re aware moisture can get into the door and when it reacts with metal it can cause rust. All you need to do says the owner of Locksmith Manchester -0161 is a oil your mechanism regularly – just a little squirt of oil in each of the working the mechanism sections you can see, will give your mechanism years! Is also the same when it comes to Yale locks on wooden doors and mortise locks on wooden doors, when you turn the key in a mortise lock it lifts up levers and pushes the bolts out. Again moisture can get into the mortise lock case says the owner of Locksmith Manchester -0161 Company and can create rust, so again a little squirt into the working parts that you can see will mean your mortise lock could possibly outlive you! The same applies to Yale locks just squirts in where the key goes and watch it live forever. So whilst it’s not the same as eating five portions of fruit and veg a day as a Locksmith Manchester, imagine you’re locking mechanisms having the same enjoyment from a few squirts of oil!


What Payment Options Does The Locksmith Manchester – 0161 Company Have?

We get asked on many occasions how possible to pay when you’re in the unfortunate circumstances and need a locksmith Manchester. We have been in the marketplace for nearly 10 years as a locksmith Manchester, so recognise that people don’t always when they locked themselves out carry their purse, their wallet, a few notes in their back pockets or have access to Internet banking. we accept many forms of payment options here at Locksmith Manchester -0161 Company, and we operate in considerate manner. ask Fran today for the options available to you!


Locksmith Manchester – Are you Thee James Bond? Erm…No.

Here at Locksmith Manchester – 0161 Company we often get asked as we’re letting someone in on their doorstep – how does James Bond do it?

To be honest with you – the actual concept of slipping a lock with a credit card is not too far fetched – but, as a Locksmith in Manchester we don’t whip our HSBC credit card out to let you into your front door – but we do have a piece of kit that is a little like a giant credit card! This is how we gain non destructive entry wherever possible. we simply over ride the latch facility on your yale lock and Bob’s your uncle – you’re through the door!

The only down side to consider – is that I have head a few students in Manchester saying they’ve managed to slip their own locks with various bits and bobs- so to be sure – f you have two locks on the door make sure they’re both locked – just in case a James Bond wannabee happens to be lurking around the corner!