insurance graded manchester locksmith

With the help of Locksmith Manchester you should be able to successfully upgrade your current security. Too many people fail to check the security levels and think that that current security is at insurance requirement. Did you know if you’ll lock is not BS 3621 and you were unfortunate enough to be burgled your insurance company might not payout.

Imagine you had a £20,000 car on the driveway that was stolen and you could not recoup the money? A quick telephone call to the Locksmith Manchester should be able to confirm whether you are insurance compliant or not. And if you’re not it’s a relatively quick and simple job to either change your current clock or indeed install a brand-new one from scratch. Also says the owner of Locksmith Manchester, ‘would you not want the best security to protect your family and your worldly possessions?’

Locksmith Manchester recommends on all wooden doors a BS3621 mortise deadlock or sash lock. And on all UPVC doors Locksmith Manchester recommends again BS3621 anti-snap, anti Bump, euro cylinder. A simple telephone call is all it would take to the Locksmith Manchester for ask for a quote or confirmation on what you currently have.