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Locksmith Manchester – Are you Thee James Bond? Erm…No.

locksmith in mancheter city centreHere at Locksmith Manchester – 0161 Company we often get asked as we’re letting someone in on their doorstep – how does James Bond do it?

To be honest with you – the actual concept of slipping a lock with a credit card is not too far fetched – but, as a Locksmith in Manchester we don’t whip our HSBC credit card out to let you into your front door – but we do have a piece of kit that is a little like a giant credit card! This is how we gain non destructive entry wherever possible. we simply over ride the latch facility on your yale lock and Bob’s your uncle – you’re through the door!

The only down side to consider – is that I have head a few students in Manchester saying they’ve managed to slip their own locks with various bits and bobs- so to be sure – if you have two locks on the door make sure they’re both locked – just in case a James Bond wannabee happens to be lurking around the corner!


A New Partnership With Trustist & Locksmith Manchester – 0161 Co

After a few emails and a couple of phone calls we here at Locksmith Manchester – 0161 Co have taken plunge. We have decided to use the services of a fabulous company called Trustist . Over the 12 years as a locksmith in Manchester I have been manually trustist for locksmith manchester - 0161 cocollecting reviews through my Google Business Listing

It’s definitely been an ardous task over the years – more so because Google did not mkae it easy for people. If you didn’t have a Google+ account you weren’t able to leave a review on a listing. So the reviews I was able to collect are just a snippet of the customers we’ve dealt with over the years and have been able to leave reviews for us. Annoying!

However – we now have a streamlined servie where I can send you wither a Google link for a review, or a Trustist review for other email providers. Awesome! It’s meant that  throughout Google in the last month I hae jumped from 150 reviews to 206!

So if you want the link sending through for a Locksmith Manchester – 0161 5 star review then let me know!

Nutribullet vs Locksmith Manchester – 0161 Company to Attend!!

maintenance of locks in manchesterWe read all too often in the news about the importance of eating our greens. About maintaining a healthy lifestyle, not drinking too much and exercising regularly. Did you know your doors also require important maintenance? An example thanks to the Locksmith Manchester we can talk about is regarding UPVC doors maintenance. When you lift the handle on your UPVC door says the owner of Locksmith Manchester, the metal rods that run at the back of your mechanism engage and push various locking mechanisms out of the door and into the frame.

As I’m sure you’re aware moisture can get into the door and when it reacts with metal it can cause rust. All you need to do says the owner of Locksmith Manchester -0161 is a oil your mechanism regularly – just a little squirt of oil in each of the working the mechanism sections you can see, will give your mechanism years! Is also the same when it comes to Yale locks on wooden doors and mortise locks on wooden doors, when you turn the key in a mortise lock it lifts up levers and pushes the bolts out. Again moisture can get into the mortise lock case says the owner of Locksmith Manchester -0161 Company and can create rust, so again a little squirt into the working parts that you can see will mean your mortise lock could possibly outlive you! The same applies to Yale locks just squirts in where the key goes and watch it live forever. So whilst it’s not the same as eating five portions of fruit and veg a day as a Locksmith Manchester, imagine you’re locking mechanisms having the same enjoyment from a few squirts of oil!

Football Football Football….Euro 2016!

What a sporty few weeks we have planned – football, tennis, the Olympics! Brilliant!manchester locksmith football

Whilst all of these fun activities are being played out across the globe – don’t forget to kepp an eye on your security. I am having many calls at the moment for people’s bags and coats being stolen. Sat outside local bars on Deansgate, or in the Northern Quarter, get up to get another drink, or pop the loo – and boom, they pounce on your belongings – and steal your keys! Stay vigilant!


Festive Advice With Locksmith Manchester – 0161 Company

Christmas Time – Mistletoe and Wine! Christmas is definitely an exciting time for most people – with presents a plenty, wine free flowing, food to die for – what24 hour call out locksmith in manchester more could you ask for? However, amongst all the fun and frivolity we still need to be security aware! It’s easy to be a little bit dopey – forget to lock the door, leave a key under the mat for the neighbour to let the dog out laughs Fran at Locksmiths Manchester – 0161, and before you know it..boom! You return home from a night out and the house has been  ransacked. We just need to keep our wits about us says Fran at Locksmiths Manchester – 0161. Unfortunately the undesirables capitalise on times like this – and that’s when we inadvertently let our guard down – and they take advantage! Remember  – keep your doors locked – at all times. If you’re having problems – don’t wait until it’s too late – call Locksmith Manchester-0161 and get the problem sorted.

Criminals will be looking through the window, under the tree – looking for expensive and inexpensive gifts they can make off with. Make sure you keep all windows locked – and make sure the car is locked on the driveway. If you’re going to load the kids Christmas presents into the house – at least reverse the car towards the front of the house so they can’t help themselves whilst you’re not looking!

Special Offers For January At Locksmith Manchester

cheapest prices manchester locksmithHere at Locksmith January Company we know only too well how tight the purse strings can get after Christmas! We also know that there is never a good time to need the services of any tradesman – especially when the bank balance is past zero – and you’re on a 5 week month for pay day! Talk about January blues!

Well to soften the blow here Locksmith Manchester – 0161 Company – should you need to call out a locksmith in Manchester we are offering a Special discount of 20% off our labour charge! That’s insanely cheap – considering we are already the cheapest locksmith in Manchester. Give Fran a call – explain your dilemma and we’ll give you the discounted cheapest locksmith Manchester price!


Wind Wind Blow Away – With Fran at Manchester Locksmiths!

Here at Manchester Locksmiths we can pretty much guarantee the moment the weather changes and the winds start to pick up we get inundated with callsthe locksmith manchester company from people locked outside of their house because the wind blew the door shut. In someways it can be amusing – that we can be governed by the weather so easily, but in other ways it’s not very amusing for the people stood on their doorstep!

A couple of simple preventative measures should mean that if the worst did happen – you’re not going to end up with a locksmith bill for simply popping the bins out on bin day! Whilst you’re pottering around the house on a windy day – leave a window on the downstairs open slightly – this will mean you could simply climb back through if the door closed. Or – a better option – leave a key with a neighbour, if they’re in and you lock yourself out – hey presto! Finally invest in a doorstop! We have a British Bulldog doorstop in our house – and if its a particularly windy day we keep him by the front door to wedge it open!

It’s all about thinking ahead says Fran at Manchester Locksmiths – otherwise you could be that person making the locksmith call on that windy day!