Well after the warmest October for a long time, and the need to turn the heating back off, and put the snuggle blanket back….the 1st November hit – and BOOM, we’re into a noticeable cold snap.

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And so this Monday morning (2nd Nov) the phone calls started – ‘I can’t open my front uPVC door’ – ‘the handle is just spinning’ – ‘the key won’t turn in the barrel’ – ‘the handle is doing a complete 360!’……all text book stuff unfortunately, and why?

Simply put – the plastic uPVC contracts when it gets cold, and expands when it warms up thus moving the door in and out of line, once the doors come out of perfect alignment, everytime you lift the handles up to lock the door you’re effectively pulling the entire door back into alignment in order to lock it.

Do this a few times over a couple of weeks – and POP – the mechanism breaks and the door is either stuck locked, or stuck open! From there it’s time to call ‘Locksmith Manchester and pay to replace the broken mechanism…

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Or…….NOT! If you feel the door is getting more difficult to lock – then make the call early! Call Locksmith Manchester and get Fran round! The door can be simply realigned and you’re back to a perfect locking door again. It’s cheaper, it’s quicker, it’s less hassle – it’s a NO BRAINER!

So – if you’re uPVC door is getting more difficult to lock or unlock – type ‘Locksmith Manchester‘ into Google – and call Fran today  -I will come and make this pre christmas problem vanish!