Here at Locksmith Manchester we are seeing a big increase in buglares across the entire Greater Manchester area. It’s kind of standard now to see a spike in the run up to Christmas.

We need to be more vigilant when locking our houses at night and when going out. Making sure presents aren’t on show for the unscrupulous kinds to see…. making sure windows are closed fully, and that your locks are the latest BS3621 is vitally important. We have completed two burglary upgrades this week already. A lady that had her back uPVC door broken into…..

The BLOWTORCH technique…. burglars are blowtorching the handles from your door… snapping the locks and gaining access! The best option to stop this? 3 star Anti snap cylinders… ULTION. Call me for a quote.

Our second break in was…..

The SMASH A HOLE IN THE DOOR technique! It’s not a common one with us this. Customer had a 5 lever British Standard mortice lock on an internal door. Somebody decided to smash a hole into the door when locked out.. Unfortunately it’s not something you can do huge things about – but a steel plate over the point of lock and a london bar down the frame would really make a difference.