We’ve heard all about it over the past few months. Cost of living – energy bills – petrol prices, and it’s all doom and gloom! Here at Locksmith Manchester we’ve not really seen the true impact because ultimately people haven’t had to make a choice either way. But now we’re starting to see it. December was a quiet month for us – and very unusual. But I believe that people had to decide as to whether to fix that uPVC door that has been stuck shut. Or whether they really need to change the locks as losing their keys. I think what we’ve seen now is people have chanced it – or left it as it is. All so they could afford xmas presents, or the big shop for xmas day.

It’s really sad to see – but the impact of rising bills and many other factors is meaning that people are compromising their security to just makes ends meet. What kind of 1st world do we live in where people can’t afford to change their locks -or it’s a better optin to kick your own door in than call a locksmith.

Here at Locksmith Manchester we haven’t increased our prices, we’ve sucked up the price increases from our suppliers – but even that hasn’t been enough. Sad sad sad times……