So the phones have been absolutely dead today thus far… Having seen what is out of the window I can’t say i’m surprised. We’re due a brief respite from the flowing flakes in about an hour and then it starts again. I think we’re seeing today that a lot of people have been told to work from home to save the morning commute and the madness that is snow on the streets!

So here at Locksmith Manchester we’re declaring a ‘snow day!’ Not to say if you’re locked out, locked in, uPVC door stuck shut because of the snow and ice or looking at ticking a couple of New year tasks off the list then give us a call.

I’ve had quite a couple of email enquiries this morning – people asking for lock upgrades and bedroom door lock installations. This would suggest most of us are sat at home with our pj’s on, a warm brew in hand – laptop in front and various teams meetings to keep us busy.

Pah hum….snow snow snow!