So – it’s here…Dry January…bank accounts into the red – and the students of Manchester moving back into their accommodation.

manchester locksmiths

So far it’s been crazy with students ‘Googling’ like crazy – and all for the same thing…’LOCKSMITH MANCHESTER’ or ‘CHEAP MANCHESTER LOCKSMITHS’ or ‘MANCHESTERS CHEAPEST LOCKSMITHS’…….i’m here!!! Most students are asking for the same thing, a lock fitted to their door so their student mates don’t climb into bed with them, steal their perfume, nick their laptop lead and various other student issues that seem to arise.

So – students of Manchester….i’m prepared. I’m offering a full lock install (and it has to be a fire regulation compliant lock – normally a yale or a thumb thurn with deadcase) for £90!!!! What this means in real money is that if you currently have no lock on the door at all – and want to keep your naughty mates out – call me and i can install the entire thing from scratch including parts and labour!

£90 is a bargain! Normally you’d be looking the best part of £135 and the need to call the Royal Bank of Mum & Dad!

Book soon….only running this little bad boy offer until January 31st!