locksmith manchesters sash jammer

So it’s true – summer is here again, the mercury set on fire at 25 degrees the other day, my van that has no air conditioning became hotter than a Kardashian backside on the front page of Vogue! I ended up with terrible sweat patches, after being assured that black was the colour to keep you cool – and a weave that looked like i’d been dragged through a hedge backwards….ANYWAY, enough about my female locksmith dilemma!

I’m here to offer advice, as I sit in my house writing this mini blog I notice that I have the lounge window wide open, the conservatory dooors pinned back, the kitchen door open and the front door unlocked. The norm I hear you cry – NO! We need to be vigilant – it takes a buglar seconds to open your door, reach in and grab your car keys, start your prize motor and drive off into the sunset…don’t be that victim!

Few pointers– if you have a uPVC door – install a front door sash jammer, then even if the door isn’t locked  – you can pull it down behind you and you’re safe! Also, don’t leave your keys on show – i’m always seeing tweets from Greater Manchester Police about cars being stolen off tables by front doors, or key hangers on the inside of the door. Move those keys – hide them!

Finally – if you are going to leave everything wide open, get a door alarm detectory – a nifty piece of kit that makes a noise when the door is opened, annoying if you have kids in and out all of the time, but handy if you want to keep your posessions safe!

For any more advice, or indeed a geeky chat about the services  – the Locksmith in Manchester can offer, feel free to call me!

For any of our very very Northern friends that would like some advice across Scotland – chat to my friend Danny who is the best emergency locksmith Edinburgh i know!