locksmith in mancheter city centre

Here at Locksmith Manchester we often get asked as we’re letting someone in on their doorstep – how does James Bond do it?

To be honest with you – the actual concept of slipping a lock with a credit card is not too far fetched – but, as a Locksmith in Manchester we don’t whip our HSBC credit card out to let you into your front door – but we do have a piece of kit that is a little like a giant credit card! This is how we gain non destructive entry wherever possible. we simply over ride the latch facility on your Yale lock and Bob’s your uncle – you’re through the door!

The only down side to consider – is that I have head a few students in Manchester saying they’ve managed to slip their own locks with various bits and bobs- so to be sure – if you have two locks on the door make sure they’re both locked – just in case a James Bond wannabee happens to be lurking around the corner!