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£50 Lock Changes – Locksmith Manchester – 0161 Co

Hello – My name is Fran – I’m the owner of Locksmith Manchester – 0161 Co. We are a completely independent Locksmith in Manchester, offering lock changes for £50! We buck the trend when it comes to searching for a locksmith in Manchester. We don’t rip people off – we do what we say we’re going to do, and we do it all with a smile!

Presuming you’re here on this page because you’ve either locked yourself out, split up with a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, cat or the dog. Bought a new house and want to get the locks changed, or want to upgrade your current locks to comply with insurance requirements? Well you’ve come to the right page- here at Locksmith Manchester – 0161 Co we offer the entire list above and more!

As the owner of Locksmith Manchester – 0161 Co I’ve been able to see over the past decade the rise in National companies claiming to be local locksmiths when in fact they’re based no where near Manchester. I’ve seen euro cylinders on UPVC doors being changed for £200 a pop! I’ve seen rogue locksmiths coming out and letting people back into their houses using a hole saw and leaving a stonking great hole in the door afterwards….I’ve pretty much seen it all. And i made a very definite decision to reduce my prices, offer more of a service for the reduced rate, and throw a 2 year guarantee on everything I do too!

*rates do change after hours and over weekends, and when i’m personally away and not working! I have a 2 year old and can’t be 24/7 locksmith in Manchester anymore! Always give me a call and i’ll give you the price beforehand! Thanks Fran

We Are Back In The Credit Card Game Here At Locksmith Manchester – 0161 Co

So for the past 2/3 years we have dwindled down the card payment options. We used to use Paypal, but they made it incresingly difficult to accept payment without their card machine. I ordered one, it broke. I ordered another it broke. I lost my temper and said I wouldn’t accept card payment anymore. To be honest it’s not really impacted the business here at Locksmith Manchster – 0161 Co credit cards accepted by locksmith manchester - 0161 comuch. Most people have the ability to pay on their phones, draw the cash out or pay via the Paypal app. The biggest loss I saw was companies calling the Locksmth Manchester – 0161 Co and not being able to pay using a company credt card.

So…..after a little research and a random advert on my Locksmith Manchester – 0161 Twitter feed, I found a company called SumUp. Absolutely brilliant. The card reader cost £19 and there is no monthly fee for the locksmith bank account! It’s just a small 1.7% charge on each transaction – so its a meagre 85p on a £50 lock change.

Again – it’s streamlined the Locksmith Manchester – 0161 Co business, made the experiance of calling a locksmith in Manchester easier if youdon’t have your phone or purse/wallet, and meant that I can do work for the bigger companies that want to pay on credit card! Awesomeness!!!!


The Famous Locksmith Manchester – 0161 Co

Ove the years I’ve had some random requests and calls, and a couple of Mondays ago was no exception! I had a guy call the Locksmith Manchester – 0161 phoneline from the BBC. Yes the British Broadcasting Corporation asking if we could unlock a very old magicians box! My initial thought was it was a hoax, so after careful questioing I soon realised it as in fact a genuine call and the answer was yes!

Simon (the BBC chap) whatsapped me through a few different pictures and after nosey through I booked the job on. As I was fully booked, I called the next best lock picker I have in my phonebook – Graham Towler! Graham arrivd at Media City the following morning – bright and breezy to showcase his lock picking skills on the ANTIQUES ROADSHOW! Graham picked the magicians box open, the crowd sighed as it was unfortunately empty – however the owners were still quids in, because the box itself from the 1920’s was worth a tidy amount! All in a days work for the Locksmiths of Manchester! Thanks Graham x

Lock Identification With Locksmith Manchester – 0161 Co

When you call my special locksmith hotline don’t be alarmed if I bombard you with questions about your door, locks and keys. To make thing a little more simple I have popped a few images on my page to help you identify the lock you have on you door..