So it’s a sad fact that most brand new composite doors and being delivered and fitted with thumb turn cylinders, This means a key from the outside and then a twisty knob on the inside. They are a huge security risk and here at Locksmith Manchester company we can tell you why.

 Over the last few months, I have seen entire new build estates being targeted by criminals after stealing the cars. And most composite doors have some glass somewhere on the door. The burglars are smashing the glass panel and reaching through and twisting the knob on the inside open, thus unlocking the door! Most new estates have composite doors on every house, so they are becoming an easy target for criminals. Call me on 0161 9770076 and I will change your lock from a thumb turn to a double cylinder for £50.00. That’s total cost from us here at Locksmith Manchester: Parts and labour, and 3 blooming keys!!!!