Here at Locksmith Manchester Ltd we truly believe in being honest, upfront and straight talking. Sometimes possibly to our own detriment..

There are so many good locksmiths in Manchester, but likewise there are equal measures of bad ones. National companies pretending their local so when you search ‘locksmith Manchester’ you believe you’re calling a local business. Unfortnately this is not always the case – and over Xmas and New Year we saw an influx of rogue traders ripping people off.. People have reported that the guys that arrive are both intimidating and relentless. I’ve had young girls saying they have just paid the guys to go away as they were scared of the repercussions… At the end of the day – these people know where you live! I have a full copy of a receipt from a particular company that was given to us last week.. happy to show people – just ask!

The tactic seems to be, you call the number on the website – you book an engineer at £49, and they arrive. They then tell you there is a call out charge, a labour charge, VAT and everyone seems to have a “HIGH SECURITY” lock that will cost upwards of £200! 

To be clear – no lock costs £200!! And what even is a “call out charge”?

Here at Locksmith Manchester Ltd I will always give you an accurate quotation over the phone – most of the time I ask for pictures or videos via Whatsapp or message… Rarely am I wrong, and if you as the customer didn’t want to proceed then it’s absoutely fine. No call out charge….!!

Please be wary of the rogue locksmiths in Manchester. Do your research and ask loads of questions!!

Peace out…