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A question I get asked quite a lot to be honest. People call me up, ask me if I cover the Salford area. The answer is simple – YES! In fact a large majority of my work already comes from the Salford area. I currently do the locksmith work for Student Haus, CMS Northern, Snugpads, Letz Manchester and Ikos Investments..


A couple of times now I’ve been called by members of the Jewish community to change locks on their houses. It’s a real pleasure when I’m thanked my a community, and asked to advertise in their local magazine.

I’ve asked a couple of the chaps i’ve dealt with why they chose me as a Salford Locksmith – and the response was clear cut. They said they loved the fact I was female, the fact that I was straight talking and my pricing was spot on. A compliment – yes. But also the truth. If you want a Locksmith in Salford then call me!


Okay – a lot of my calls across Manchester, Salford and Trafford are from students. Yes – those students, that go out on a Wednesday night gte trashed and drop their keys down a drain! Stranded in Salford, they get on their smartphone and Google LOCKSMITH SALFORD‘… I pick up the phone, get into my van and go rescue them! However not all of my work as a Locksmith Salford is rescuing students. I also get asked quite a lot to install locks on student accommodation bedroom doors. This is obviosuly to keep their possessions safe when the inevitable house party occurs, or that they return home in the holidays to see mum and dad! Needless to say one of the businest times I find as a Salford Locksmith is during September/October and at the end of July.

Salford Locksmith, Manchester – Covering M3/M4/M5/M6/M7


We cover the entire Manchester area – but seem to get a lot of calls for Locksmith services in the Salford area. It’s possibly because we change many apartment door locks for £50 – that weird thumb turn style lock.

Here at Salford Locksmith we provide the cheapest and most efficient lock changes you could imagine!

We cover at the entire Salford area on a 24/7 basis, and provide the cheapest £50 lock changes – exactly the same as £50 Manchester Locksmith.

I can generally be with you withjin 20 minutes – I have everything imagine on the van – so can pretty much do anything and everything there and then. The cheapest #1 Guaranteed Salford Locksmith!!

CALL ME OUT – CALL ME OUT….0161 9770076 or 07730159679!

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