Okay, here we are – fast approaching February 2016, the daffodils are popping through – i saw some the other day on a lock out in Salford! I swear down….! I’d actually question if they’ve been anywhere – it’s been sooo warm!

manchester locksmith in a storm

So anyway, we’re heading towards Spring 2016, probably end up having one of the warmest years since records began – and with this we bring the exciting prospects of people moving house! In fact, we seem to all want to move house in the Spring and Summer – so the advice I can offer here as the female Manchester Locksmith is check your insurance documents!

I have been to far too many properties throughout the month of January and found that the security people have on their windows and doors doesn’t come close to being Insurance graded – not one BS3621 lock for this Locksmiths in Manchester to see!

Phone me up – I can pretty much tell you over the phone if you’re insurance policy is valid or not! Look for the kitemark – look at your locks!

It’s free advice – it’s available – get in touch!