manchester locksmiths

So that time is upon us again – the little munchkins come skipping out of school, shirts signed, paint on face,trousers ripped – and it’s that familiar time of year that all parents are faced with…THE SUMMER HOLIDAYS! So, we have the unenviable task of keeping the little blighters entertained, paying for numerous cinema visits – funding the costs of ‘lunch time hang-outs’, paying 3 times the cost of a normal holiday because it sits in silly season!

Fear not – if you are one of the unfortunate parents that has to deal with all of the above, alongside, grounding the kids for staying out late, paying for their mobile phone bill as it’s gone WAY over the minutes allowance – and the various other trials and tribulations, here at the Manchester Locksmith Company we are offering a 15% discount off our normal locksmith charges. It may not amount to much because our prices are rock bottom anyway – but hey, a few quid in your pocket is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick!

When you call – ask me… Fran for the August discount! Ask me, Ask me, Ask me!!