Over the years I’ve had some random requests and calls, and a couple of Mondays ago was no exception! I had a guy call the Locksmith Manchester – 0161 phoneline from the BBC. Yes the British Broadcasting Corporation asking if we could unlock a very old magicians box! My initial thought was it was a hoax, so after careful questioning I soon realised it as in fact a genuine call and the answer was yes!

Simon (the BBC chap) whatsapped me through a few different pictures and after nosey through I booked the job on. As I was fully booked, I called the next best lock picker I have in my phonebook – Graham Towler! Graham arrived at Media City the following morning – bright and breezy to showcase his lock picking skills on the ANTIQUES ROADSHOW! Graham picked the magicians box open, the crowd sighed as it was unfortunately empty – however the owners were still quids in, because the box itself from the 1920’s was worth a tidy amount! All in a days work for the Locksmiths of Manchester! Thanks Graham x