Actually there is no war with us! The War sits firmly with Airbnb hosts and landlords. We are finding more and more that people are not willing to comply with fire regulations. Yes we are all feeling the pinch at the moment. Definitely having to think more about what and where we spend our pennies. But this shouldn’t be at the expense of peoples safety.

In October this year it was revealed that short and small term lets needed to comply with the same fire regulations that hotels and bed and breakfasts do – read this article. That simply means – keyless exit. In the event of a fire you can exit your house or apartment without the need for a key. Twist a knob or turn a latch….

Here at Locksmith Manchester we have been converting doors for local charities for a good few years now. And Airbnb hosts are getting on board – but there are definitely so many short term let properties that do not have keyless exit. and in the event of a fire could be catastrophic….. Check you accommodation when you arrive folks!