Types of Locks

Here at Locksmith Manchester we are constantly asked about additional lock installations. Whether it be adding an additional lock to a door, or installing a lock on a bedroom door...there are many reasons people want to install locks from scratch, so I thought it best to have a page on my website with exactly what locks are available - what locks are best suited, and most definitely the PRICES!

Euro Cylinder Lock - High-Quality Security Solution offered by Locksmith Manchester for homes and businesses.

Locking Knob Sets – £125.00 Per Door Fitted Including Parts & Labour

A locking knob set is a cheap and quick solution to having a lock on your internal doors. They normally replace the current handles and provide a locksmith manchester locking knob setfire regulation compliant lock to your door. They have a key on the outside, and a little twisty turn on the inside that you can deadlock your door with. 


Mortice Deadlock £150.00 Per Door Fitted Including Parts & Labour

Mortice deadlocks are absoultely brilliant locks. Most insurance companies ask for a British Standard (BS3621) mortice lock on any wooden final exit door. The reason behind this – is that they are super secure. Mortice locksmortice deadlock fitted by locksmith manchester - 0161 co fit into the side of the door but because you have to use a key on both sids of the door to lock and unlock they’re not fire regulation compliant. Mortice locks are not ideal for bedroom doors – internal doors tend to be too thin. 


Yale Lock/Nightlatch £130.00 Per Door Fitted Including Parts & Labour

Yale locks are probably thr most common lock I fit from scratch. They are great as a second top lock on a front door – they mean somebody can’t just a yale lock fitted by locksmith manchester - 0161 cofollow you in, the door locks automatically behind you. They’re also great as bedroom locks too – they come in different sizes and colours – and are quite quick to install. The only downside to these locks is they can lock you out! These locks are fire regulation compliant because it’s just a latch on the inside to let you out!


Deadcase With Thumb Turn £165.00 Per Door Fitted Including Parts & Labour

The final lock that I fit for people is the deadcase with a thumb turn. They’re in my opinion the nicest looking locks to fit, and they comply with fire regulations so are great on internal doors or final exit doors in a thumb turn and deadcase picture found by locksmith manchester - 0161 coapartments. They’re the mst expensive to fit – but that’s purely because of the additional parts – the case and the the thumb turn. Fantastic security – especially with the anti snap thumb fitted as a standard.


For multiple doors I offer a considerable discount – so just ask.




A new type of lock that we are fitting!

Our suppliers in Manchester have started stocking these handy little locks. They are great! They comply with fire regulations, are quicker to fit and come as a complete unit so are cheaper overall!

These new bad boys are £130 fitted!!