credit cards accepted by locksmith manchester - 0161 co

So for the past 2/3 years we have dwindled down the card payment options. We used to use PayPal, but they made it increasingly difficult to accept payment without their card machine. I ordered one, it broke. I ordered another it broke. I lost my temper and said I wouldn’t accept card payment anymore. To be honest it’s not really impacted the business here at Locksmith Manchester o much. Most people have the ability to pay on their phones, draw the cash out or pay via the PayPal app. The biggest loss I saw was companies calling the Locksmith Manchester and not being able to pay using a company credit card.

So…after a little research and a random advert on my Locksmith Manchester Twitter feed, I found a company called SumUp. Absolutely brilliant. The card reader cost £19 and there is no monthly fee for the locksmith bank account! It’s just a small 1.7% charge on each transaction – so its a meagre 85p on a £50 lock change.

Again – it’s streamlined the Locksmith Manchester business, made the experience of calling a locksmith in Manchester easier if you don’t have your phone or purse/wallet, and meant that I can do work for the bigger companies that want to pay on credit card! Awesomeness!!!!