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Here at Manchester Locksmiths we can pretty much guarantee the moment the weather changes and the winds start to pick up we get inundated with calls from people locked outside of their house because the wind blew the door shut. In some ways it can be amusing – that we can be governed by the weather so easily, but in other ways it’s not very amusing for the people stood on their doorstep!

A couple of simple preventative measures should mean that if the worst did happen – you’re not going to end up with a locksmith bill for simply popping the bins out on bin day! Whilst you’re pottering around the house on a windy day – leave a window on the downstairs open slightly – this will mean you could simply climb back through if the door closed. Or – a better option – leave a key with a neighbour, if they’re in and you lock yourself out – hey presto! Finally invest in a doorstop! We have a British Bulldog doorstop in our house – and if its a particularly windy day we keep him by the front door to wedge it open!

It’s all about thinking ahead says Fran at Manchester Locksmiths – otherwise you could be that person making the locksmith call on that windy day!